• Knowledge is more powerful than money but without money nothing could at the moment.

    Yeah that true knowledge is power but without money not much can be done. Financial power can be used to gain political power, which in turn can be used to get new legislation passed for good and bad. Also many successful people never received a higher education, but have made billions and changed the world like Steve Jobs.

  • We need knowledge to earn money.

    We need money for knowledge and knowledge for money.If we don't have knowledge how would we earn a good job for money? This is a big question.I say that both things matter knowledge and money.If we don't have money how will we pay the fees of our kids and ourselves.

  • Money is the basic need of every person

    Without money we can not get knowledge money is playing important role in every person life if we have money we can get knowledge from better institute in today world education system is the base of earning money if we have money we can do any thing we can get knowledge easily in the world every body wants to become rich so money is more important than knowledge.

  • Even Knowledge Is Dependent On Money!

    Most of the things are related to money directly or indirectly. Knowledge is power but that's not free, we need money to get some knowledge.
    One can born naturally sharp minded but he has to learn & Discover his abilities.
    From basic needs of life TO FAME,
    It's all MONEY GAME!

  • Money is a bit more important.

    Having all sorts of luxuries in your life then you can go on for education.But when you are from a poor family even with the sharpest raw iq power and knowledge you most probably would be working as an employee of a rich person or his company.Also being from a poor family would generally reduce your chances of education.Even these days the rich get their children educated from the best universities of the world.

  • Control on educational person

    By money we can control on biggest knowledgeable person. Money is most important part of our life .
    Only From help of money we can arrive the education and with money we archive the every goal.
    If u haven't money you can't will doing something with knowledge .So its necessary.

  • I think the money is more important the knowledge.

    The two most important matter which can change every body's life are MONEY and KNOWLEDGE. By money everyone can reach any thing which they need to get them even knowledge. Also it can solve most of the problems such as education, entertainment, disease and so on.
    So enough money the life is more beautiful for everyone in the world.

    Posted by: Hoda
  • Money Beats Knowledge Today

    Sadly, money offers a person much greater power than knowledge in today's world. A person with money can easily suppress someone with the greatest knowledge. Globalization has lead to the rise of money, which has decreased the overall value of knowledge in many ways. Too many people would prefer money over knowledge.

  • Yes, Money rules over everything.

    I agree that knowledge is power but without money not much can be done. Financial power can be used to gain political power, which in turn can be used to get new legislation passed for good and bad. Also many successful people never received a higher education, but have made billions and changed the world like Steve Jobs.

  • Knowledge matters a lot than that of money

    Knowledge is like protection of money. For example: Gautam Buddha was a prince and he had all sort of facilities in his palace but he left the palace leaving all his luxuries for attaining knowledge or to be enlighted. Knowledge is bridge to money. Money can be lost by giving it to others but knowledge increases when given other. Also we can earn money by knowledge. So knowledge matters most.

  • Money, power, knowledge. They’re useless without this one thing

    Without this one asset to rise above our primal desires to greed and violence, money becomes worthless, knowledge fails to rise above ignorance, and power becomes a pitiful state of being. What is this asset? Wisdom. The wisdom to use money for all its worth. The wisdom to avoid ignorance, and the wisdom to use power effectively.

  • Knowledge is easily assessible in the digital age, and it offers the bargaining power to attact money

    Public facilities support autodidacts e.g. library for books and computer access, so I think everyone gets equal opportunity to be great in this digital age. With the help of social media connections and self promotion, you can connect like minded people globally and collaborate. It is more important to figure out what you want and who you are in life, and money will follows.

  • Knowledge Under Poverty

    You might be a highly skilled worker from a poor family (engineer, doctor, etc.). IF you are able to achieve this, props. However, the invisible hand of the markets makes knowledge a commodity like anything else and in this day and age a poor wise man must sell his labor to the rich just to exist.

  • Knowledge lasts a lifetime, money can be taken or stolen

    Knowledge is far more important than money, if one has knowledge he/she can replenish it given opportunity. Nobody can take the knowledge you have gained besides death and fire ( burning of knowledge records). Anybody can take or steal money from you. With enough knowledge, one may amass great wealth, absent advantageous beginnings.

  • Knowledge is belong to soul whereas money is belong to elements:

    Hi,I'm sooraj i'm here to say that knowledge is greater than money because as humans we all must follow dharma in our life.Dharma means a human should think about all the problems faced by the universe as we all are made up of souls ,which is a part of 'paramathma' [god] and knowledge is a joy of soul which is indestructible whereas money is a joy of humans body which is made up of 5 elements they all gets separated to their own elements after dead so money can give a temporary joy an comfort but wisdom or knowledge gives a permanent comfort to soul and realise it that they are all a part of paramathma


  • Knowledge rule this days

    According to me it is the technology that rules the wold, so the knowledge is more important than the money. The money comes and go and knowledge remains with the person. He can utilise it in later life and earn money out of it. Therefore a person has to entrust his time toearn knowledge in his growing age rather than spending time on the earning of money. When the nation gives more importance to education it progress well otherwise it looses its progress and eventually the money and related positons.

  • Knowledge will always ahead from money

    Work will remain on the top because you would know everything ofrom money you couldn't stop natural calamities neither from knowledge too but from knowledge you will indulge least yourself in producing of monoxide, methane and cfc's carbon producing gases. Its is clearly mentioning here that from money you will do anything anytime but by knowledge the speed and rapidness by which your work will remain on top everything will be in your your tips and that comes from knowledge. And knowledge can not steal from you but money will get zero at some span of time. So think guys over it.

  • Solve the problem not wand money.

    Money may create a happy living and seems more important to us in our society but we should remember what really matters. Not only do we pass on what we know to the next and infinitely continues, but with knowledge, chances of survival increases. In a sense, happiness is survival since survival is a platform on earth. Money may temporarily satisfy but knowledge is a leading step to technology and money.

    How successful is knowledge today? Pretty successful especially when our nation is taking priority in education. As a matter of fact one reliant to fix nations debt is education.

  • Knowledge Matters More Than Money

    While money can be influential, I believe that knowledge matters more. If you had a million dollars and were not smart enough to invest it wisely or spend it wisely, you could end up in debt very quickly. Without knowledge - book smarts or street smarts (common sense) - money doesn't mean a whole lot.

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