• Yes, house arrest will be effective.

    Yes, upon his release Kodak Black needs to be carefully monitored. Both house arrest and probation are warranted. I feel these methods will be effective, as long as a close watch is kept on him to ensure that no additional crimes are committed. Also some type of reform program, such as mandatory behavior courses, would help.

  • Yes, house arrest and probation will be effective.

    With his recent release, Kodak Black is being given another chance at things. I believe he will use this second chance to get his life together and will make a legitimate attempt at being a responsible adult. House arrest and probation are not ordeals to be taken lightly, which Kodak will soon be finding out.

  • Kodak Black not released after all

    Kodak Black has numerous other legal issues that have kept him behind bars. Those include robbery, false imprisonment, marijuana possession, driving without a driver’s license and illegal firearm possession. The long list of crimes shows Kodak has not respect for the law and will continue to be a threat to others unless he is locked up.

  • Apparently Kodak is staying in jail

    I don't know if probation and house arrest would be effective, but he could still pursue his recording career. However, according to the Sun Sentinel, Black is not being released after the discovery of more outstanding warrants. Not sure about the substance of the charges, but he's looking at potential sentencing charges of up to 55 years. I hope since he's only 19, something can be done.

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