KOMO-TV Helicopter Crash: Should television stations use helicopters in reporting, knowing their risks?

  • KOMO-TV Helicopter Crash

    Regarding the KOMO-TV Helicopter Crash the television stations should use helicopters in reporting, knowing their risks and then using it to tell the public of what is going at the time as well. I think the more communication with the general public the better we all have of staying safe.

  • Yes, TV Stations Should Use Helicopters

    Television stations need helicopters both for quick transportation and to view traffic and other new categories from the sir. It is very rare to have the kind of mechanical failure that happened in Seattle this week and just because there was one accident, it does not mean we need to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  • Yes if they want

    Here in the United States of America TV stations often have helicopters that help assist in a large variety of different news events that are taking place in around their areas. TV stations know the risk that are often associated with it. They need to balance and deem if they think it's important.

  • They are quite safe.

    Yes, television stations should use helicopters in reporting, even though they carry some risks, because they are no more dangerous than reporting on the ground. Reporters who stand by the side of the road to report are in far more danger than a reporter that is in a helicopter. It is all relative.

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