Korean president willing to heed resignation calls: Will Korea regain faith in its leaders?

  • Restore faith by taking responsibilty

    The Korean people need to know that their leaders will take responsibility for their actions and will respond to the desires of the people. So if the Korean president does resign, she will take the important first step in helping her country regain faith in future leaders. It is the right thing to do.

  • Sure. Hopefully, the public humiliation will help them to regain thier "faith."

    I’m sure Korea will find new faith in its leaders after this woman is forced to step down as a leader for the scandalous charges. As far as Park is concerned, it’s probably best for her to do what she has to do so she can get past her mistakes if she made them.

  • Yes, Korea will regain faith in its leaders.

    Yes, Korea will regain faith in its leaders but it must work hard to do so. People need to see improvements in order to buy into a new leader. Korea is a very developed country and has a lot going for it. It will therefore come up with a plan to gain faith.

  • Populism has reached the Korean Peninsula

    The populism that was recently exemplified in Great Britain and the United States, appears to have reached the Korean Peninsula. The world is drastically changing due to the ongoing technological revolution. Institutions that were once relied upon to ensure peace and prosperity are falling victim to that technological revolution. That same loss of faith in Institutions has reached Asia as well.

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