Kosovo independence: Would an independent Kosovo be a viable state?

  • Kosovo state 1

    Kosovo is a stable state in Europe. Second Adolf Hitler ( Slobodan Milosevic ) is dead. Kosovo should join EU . Kosovo economy is zero. Unemployment is more than 88% Serbia must recognize Kosovo as free country id they want to join EU based on Brussel meeting. Free Kosovo forever

  • Kosovo would be viable.

    An independent nation of Kosovo would be very viable. Its independence could be given peacefully, insuring that there would be no conflict arising from Kosovo becoming independent. With a little support, Kosovo would be able to run by itself effectively and efficiently, and not need any assistance in a few years.

  • Kosovo should put independence on the back burner

    It hardly seems that enough time has past to start stirring up regional and ethnic troubles in the Balkans. While Kosovo may one day function as a proper independent state of its own, for the time being Kosovo should play its part where it is. Let's not disrupt such a precarious situation.

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