Kpop is good or not? And why most people hate Kpop? They suppose that fan Kpop is crazy and have a malevolence with fan Kpop?

Asked by: Thuy711
  • Kpop if life

    I've never seen better than kpop! Kpop its not just music, Its what make kpopers lifes easier.
    Myself, When I'm nervous, Sad or something like that, I listen to kpop. As soon as i listen it, I become much better.
    And if you call it craziness, I don't care. Because i really like kpop and its precious for me so your words are not important to me

  • Why fan Kpop be hate?

    Why other poaple can support another artist like Taylor Swift, Justin, ... Without Kpop? They are also a normal people and why they should nó exist? Loving someone is not wrong, the main is the way people show their loves. Ok, they maybe crazy but its just loving someone and thinking, image about their loves, their idols, like normal people. More than, Kpop is very good and they can learn a lot about sing, dance or something like that. They can also learn a lot from their idols about discriminate, talent and others. I love Kpop and Im just a normal person, not crazy person or madness person

  • I think it’s overrated

    I don’t think that it’s terrible of anything, But I think that people put them on much too high of a pedastool. People will often obsess over them, And I know that that happens with everything, But in this case the debate is very close minded and immature. One of the main reasons I don’t like k pop is because I associate it with obsessed fan girls which I had experienced first hand many times, And it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. So at the end of the day I don’t hate it, And really, I think it’s on par with western pop music, So I think people overhype it greatly. Bye bye~

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