Kpop is good or not? And why most people hate Kpop? They suppose that fan Kpop is crazy and have a malevolence with fan Kpop?

Asked by: Thuy711
  • More than just pretty faces.

    If people can like Spanish music and not be apart of the Hispanic/ Latino community or if a person can watch anime and not be Japanese, Then anyone can listen to music or watch shows that are not made in the US. Language barriers mean nothing if the song or show itself gives you a certain emotion that you love feeling. Don't blame social media fans for the reason why you don't like the artist or actor. Someone else's opinion on the internet should not determine or influence your opinion, Especially if you haven't even bothered giving it a try.

  • A bunch of reasons.

    I was very depressed when i was introduced to the world of kpop. (age 9) I clicked on that first music video, And I just couldn't not think about their unique styles, I had to watch more. Fast forward 5 years, I'm still a fan, And honestly their music puts me in a better mood. I just feel like more people need to appreciate that they go through hell to make music. Companies forcing them on diets they don't want, Taking their phones and looking through all of their conversations, And changing how they look without permission.

    They reached their dreams, Because of their fans. And no, You don't need to understand it to like it.

    What about despacito? It was a good sounding song, But it was waaaay too sexual. Kpop isn't like that. If you pay attention to the lyrics, It shows that the songs actually have a deep meaning to the group or their past experinces.

  • Kpop is one of the best!

    Kpop is no doubt one of the best music genres. To almost all the songs, There are choreographies. Kpop Idols would work day and night to make their dances and vocal as perfect as they are. There are different concepts to the music. Some people hate kpop because they think its annoying and overrated. But I bet you they haven't seen the real side of kpop. I'm sure that they'll find a kpop song that's their style.

  • People who hate on kpop often hate on it for incorrect reasons

    It's no surprise that while kpop has many fans around the world, It also has many anti fans. But, The issue is that these haters often hate kpop for incorrect or outdated information.

    First, The most commonly heard reasons people hate kpop are that it's "garbage". Well, The main reason for this claim is because of the language and culture barrier. Because non Korean speakers cannot understand the song, There is a natural tendency to dislike it. If kpop was fully in English, I guarantee that more people would like it.

    Second, Another reason people supposedly hate kpop is because it is "completely different from American music". Well, That statement is both true and false. From just looking at the music, Both are rooted in modern electronic music, Especially with catchy electronic main melodies and beat drops of songs. However, Kpop has a lot of change up in the song itself. There might be a 30 second rap part inserted into a kpop song, Or the beat might suddenly slow down or speed up. Kpop also doesn't follow the typical western format of 2 verses and 3 choruses. In addition, Artists are a lot more skilled and versatile. It's common to see kpop artists who excel at everything, From vocal, Rap, Dance, And visual, Which is something not common to western artists. Because these artists have a greater skill set, They often don't stick to one genre of music, Bouncing around different genres. Also, Kpop spends a lot more effort and money into their music videos, From the wardrobe, To visual effects, To props, And so on. All of these are differences from western music that many of these haters aren't really used to, Which is why they naturally are not comfortable with kpop.

    Finally, Many haters complain about the fans, How they are so annoying, And how they criticize everything. Well, That's true, But those are extremist fans, And they exist no matter what fan base they are part of. Some of the extremist fans in western music fanbases are at the same level or even more toxic than kpop extremists.

    At the end of the day, It all just comes down to someone's personal taste. But, Kpop has dominated the music industry worldwide, And has millions and millions of fans worldwide from all different cultures and ethnicity. There are just way more people who love kpop rather than hate it. That's just facts you can't argue with.

  • Kpop if life

    I've never seen better than kpop! Kpop its not just music, Its what make kpopers lifes easier.
    Myself, When I'm nervous, Sad or something like that, I listen to kpop. As soon as i listen it, I become much better.
    And if you call it craziness, I don't care. Because i really like kpop and its precious for me so your words are not important to me

  • Why fan Kpop be hate?

    Why other poaple can support another artist like Taylor Swift, Justin, ... Without Kpop? They are also a normal people and why they should nó exist? Loving someone is not wrong, the main is the way people show their loves. Ok, they maybe crazy but its just loving someone and thinking, image about their loves, their idols, like normal people. More than, Kpop is very good and they can learn a lot about sing, dance or something like that. They can also learn a lot from their idols about discriminate, talent and others. I love Kpop and Im just a normal person, not crazy person or madness person

  • It’s so overrated

    I don’t understand people who hate American pop music but love K pop. K pop is basically the same as American pop but it’s in a different language and involves a lot of auto tune. Also all the bands and songs sound the same since it’s so overproduced. Does Korea even make any music in other genres?

  • It’s just wrong

    Everyone doesn’t even look like a guy too be honest (bts) and it’s too overrated. Everyone likes it and my friends do too. Don't you think 12 year olds are just too young. Even my bothers are starting to like it I don’t know what to do the world is getting taken over by kpop.

  • Mainstream music at it’s most extreme.

    I just think k-pop is to plastic, With the slave contracts, How the artists pretty much never write there own songs. I’s hard to find meaningful lyrics too and everything just feel like mainstream music but a hundred times worse. Oh and I hate that you can’t understand what they sing, I know that it’s sounds dumb but I really need to understand the lyrics to listen to something it’s a really big part of the song for me.

  • I think it’s overrated

    I don’t think that it’s terrible of anything, But I think that people put them on much too high of a pedastool. People will often obsess over them, And I know that that happens with everything, But in this case the debate is very close minded and immature. One of the main reasons I don’t like k pop is because I associate it with obsessed fan girls which I had experienced first hand many times, And it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. So at the end of the day I don’t hate it, And really, I think it’s on par with western pop music, So I think people overhype it greatly. Bye bye~

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