• It's our fight.

    Yes, we should offer troops to Iraq, because we are the ones who went in after September 11 and ordered a regime change. Since we insisted, it's unfair for us to leave them to fall into extremism now that they are not strong enough to stand on their own. If we don't step in, countries around the world will hate us.

  • Troops needed to Mediate

    Troops are needed in Iraq to encourage peace and monitor the situation. As things have become progressively worse the input from troops should increase as opposed to decrease. It is vital to monitor the situation and be aware of the current status as well as attempting to bring peace and have a positive influence.

  • Not This Time

    I agree with going into Iraq last time as well as our mission there, but this would be unnecessary. It was about time we left. There are other preferable solutions to this issue such as supporting the Iraqi military, government, and supporting allies to go in our stead. Diplomacy should be used in this issue.

  • We aren't going to help

    The US is never going to solve the issue that there are 3 groups in Iraq... Sunni, Shia and Kurds. The Kurds are the real deal, they have a powerful fighting force and they can handle themselves. If the Shia push the Kurds too far it will draw Turkey into the mix, which not something the Shia want. The Kurds are going to mobilize to take advantage of the situation in order to strengthen their hold on northern Iraq, and that's fine. The US need not to be involved in regional disputes in Iraq.

  • There are other solutions.

    Troops are costly and they are US citizens. There has been enough lives lost in the middle east and if the US deploys more troops to Iraq, more troops would die from it. There are other choices to solve this problem, if things goes out of hand, the US could possibly choose provide the government some weaponry support.

  • Enough is enough

    We don't need to send our troops back to Iraq. We have already spent too many years there and lost too many lives. Iraq must learn to deal with their problems on their own and we need to keep our soldiers at home where they belong not in the Middle East.

  • Iraq Needs to Stand on its Own

    America and the rest of the West cannot keep rushing back in to save the Middle East. Many years, lives and money has been spent in the past decade trying to stabilise this part of the world and it is obviously not the solution. The governments of the countries need to learn to help themselves, advice is what is needed, not troops.

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