Kyle Carpenter's Medal of Honor: Is a medal enough to honor our bravest veterans?

  • Yes, I believe it is.

    The medal of honor is the highest honor that can be granted to veterans and most veterans who receive the honor are awarded after their death. It is a huge honor to have received it and survived the battle in which you earned it. I don't know what else could possible be done that would be better than this for that young man.

  • This man just did his job.

    This man has received recognition for performing his job. He was paid for performing this service as per his contract with the government. He was wounded, and will receive compensation as per his contract for the government. People do heroic acts all the time, and many times they are rewarded. However, it is not the responsibility of the tax payers to reward a man for following his orders. Firefighters risk their lives daily, and often receive no recognition. Security guards and police officers also save lives, and often receive no recognition. Do we reward this man simply because he was a "soldier"? These men perform a job they volunteered for and are compensated adequately.

  • No, a medal is not enough. But that is not all you get when awarded a Medal of Honor.

    No, the medal would not be enough for a Medal of Honor winner. However, that is not all a MOH winner receives. They get an additional pension on top of their regular military pension, a 10 percent increase in pay, invitations to all future presidential inaugurations and balls, free airfare for the recipient and dependents and children of MOH winners are eligible for admission to the U.S. military academies regardless of quota requirements or nominations.

  • He should get a parade.

    No, a medal is not enough of an honor to give to Kyle Carpenter. It's great that he gets the Medal of Honor, that is more than deserved. But people should have the opportunity to thank him for being such a hero. He has an amazing story and we cannot honor him too much for it.

  • Support Them For Life

    While it is definitely important to award medals, and show the public the bravery these men presented, the government should be doing more to support veterans in their old age. These men risked their lives for their country, and it is important that their country shows them the full gratitude to thank them.

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