Kyle Schwarber added to the Cubs' World Series roster. Will he be a meaningful contributor?

  • Determined to prove he can do it

    In a whole series of interviews, Schwarber has pleaded with fans of the cubs to believe in him and give him a chance. Schwarber has come with a bad reputation but he seems to be determined to prove this is wrong - that extra motivation may prove enough to help him improve.

  • Kyle Schwarber will be a meaningful contributor for the Cubs

    Kyle Schwarber will be a meaningful contributor for the Cubs, and has already demonstrated as much in the first game of the world series, in spite of its first game loss. He is a true power hitter to be feared. Over the course of several games it is likely he will continue to have an impact.

  • Yes, he's a very good young player

    Kyle Schwarber is one of many young talented baseball players on the Cub's roster. He hasn't played before the world series, since game two of the regular season. This would generally be a problem, but most young guys that are excelling seem to have a presence where circumstances don't matter. He got one hit in game one of the world series against a very good Indians pitching roster and I expect to see him get a few more as the series continues.

  • Yes, he should be.

    Schwarber played very well in 2015. While the traditional baseball stats may suggest that he wasn't very good, the more advanced and reliable stats show that he had a very good year. His batting power and ability to draw walks could be a crucial difference-maker for the Cubs in the World Series.

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