Kylie Jenner's Exposing Outfit: Did She Show Skin for her Cosmetic Collection Reveal?

  • Yes, she did.

    This was one of the reasons why Kylie Jenner wore such a revealing outfit. She wanted to show off how great her new cosmetic line looked. She also showed so much skin becasue she was looking to get attention, which is a big reason why she does almost everything she does.

  • She probably did

    Most of the Jenner/Kardashian clan are certainly tied in to marketing themselves and the products they're paid to promote. It's a safe guess that Kylie's latest look was chosen for the same purpose or at least in part for marketing her new cosmetic collection. Why else would she be dressing that way, except to be photographed and reported on.

  • Kylie Jenner shows skin to sell cosmetics

    Kylie Jenner, much like the other members of her family, is very adept at attracting attention to herself and then using that attention to make money. She does not mind exploiting herself to earn a buck. She knew that by wearing an exposing outfit for her cosmetic collection reveal would attract attention.

  • No, A family that is famous for being trash. Nothing else.

    She's not one to shy away from the camera - even when dressed down to her skivvies. Does anyone, know anyone, who buys this garbage? Looks fake and plastic. Should find something meaningful to do with life?
    I just feel so sorry for these sisters/family in 25 years. They will have no idea what to do

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