Kyoto Protocol: Are Kyoto Protocol's obligatory cuts appropriate?

  • Yes, Kyoto Protocols cuts were appropriate

    Yes, the Kyoto Protocol cuts were appropriate. The Kyoto Protocol required nations other than the US to set targets to reduce or cut emissions of greenhouse gases that cause climate change. For the most part, this has been successful in doing so. If it were not for this, I feel that we would be in a worse position globally than we are.

  • No, the cuts hurt the economy.

    Not he Kyoto Protocol's obligatory cuts are not appropriate, because they hurt the economies of the most-developed countries. It is important that developed countries continue to grow their economies and aid the rest of the world. They cannot do so effectively if they are hampered by the mandates of the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol's obligations are also based on science that many still question. Cuts should be reexamined until the science of global warming is more definitive.

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