Kyoto Protocol: Does Kyoto effectively help cut emissions and combat global warming?

  • Kyoto would help

    The Kyoto Protocol would have helped reduce and cut emissions, but the problem was it was never implemented, and now it simply dissolved. Japan in fact has left it, so it might as well be dead. The reality is the corporations that run human society are not allowing us to properly address this issue.

  • Holding the world accountable

    I believe that this protocol at least gets the industrial countries of the world thinking about their emissions and also holds them accountable in some regards with comparing the emissions and percentages with the rest of the countries. I also feel that by calling out the industrial countries as the main reason for all the green house gases that it set them up on a stage for the world to watch and see what they do. They cannot just sweep it under the rug anymore.

  • NO it does not help

    I believe that the kyoto protocol does not help cut emissions down as firstly, some developing countries such as china aren't even obligated to reduce their GHG emissions, though there are one of the biggest polluters. The kyoto protocol is just a big business. Countries trade carbon credits with each other in exchange of doing a task or favour for that country. CO2 is just rising in the atmosphere, and how efficient is this kyoto protocol treaty? More than half the world hasn't had targets to reduce, and only some are truly working to reduce GHG. I agree, the kyoto protocol helps countries be more aware of this situation however is this treaty truly enforcing its policy. Nothing is being done about the carbon credit trading or the carbon market. Hence, nothing much all be done about the GHG emissions that are in the air

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