Kyoto Protocol: Is global warming chiefly man-made, making Kyoto important?

  • Yes, it is.

    It is becoming increasingly clearer that global warming is almost entirely a phenomenon that is man made. A very large percentage of experts and scientists who study in this field are in agreement. The Kyoto Protocol is very important for the health of the planet and the future inhabitants on this planet.

  • Global warming is chiefly man-made, making Kyoto important.

    Global warming is chiefly man-made, making Kyoto important. The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which commits its Parties by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. Everyday we are releasing chemicals into our atmosphere called greenhouse gases. These gases directly effect our environment and global warming.

  • Kyoto Protocol Important

    Global warming is mostly due to human actions, so the Kyoto Protocol is exceptionally important. We created global warming and accelerated the effects with greenhouse gases. The Earth can't repair the damage we've caused without us first reversing our actions. Therefore, the Kyoto Protocol needs to be taken into constant consideration.

  • Yes it is.

    Global warmin is chiefly man made, which makes Kyoto important. With global warming becoming the big issue that it is, it is in turn making Kyoto more important everyday. Without the looming global warming that we are seeing today, Kyoto would pretty much server no purpose at all for anything.

  • Global warming is chiefly man-made.

    Scientists have shown that global warming and the climate change it causes is mostly caused by the emission of greenhouse gases from industrial pollution. The Kyoto Protocol is an important step in curbing these emissions and protecting the environment from further damage. More countries should agree to work against global warming.

  • Yes, because global warming is relate to the Kyoto Protocol.

    Yes. Kyoto is already important by itself despite the fact of the protocol. With the global warming playing apart would emphasize the importance of Kyoto as well as rise the awareness of global warming. As we all know that global warming is becoming more important nowadays. In my opinion, Kyoto would be important

  • Kyoto is Irrelevant

    Global warming is not man-made, and there is in fact no incontrovertible evidence that suggests that global warming is anything other than a myth. Many people argue that global cooling is in fact occurring, while some scientists argue that temperature cycling is a continuous process. They believe that people simply have not been monitoring the data long enough to record the phenomenon.

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