Kyoto Protocol: Is Kyoto an important symbol in the fight on global warming?

  • Yes, The Environment is a Global Problem and Needs a Global Solution

    The Kyoto Protocol is a fantastic example of the world working together to protect the environment, and that is the only way any effort will make a difference. Because the entire Earth is environmentally interdependent, local efforts to protect the environment are good, but ultimately will not be effective in isolation. In order to save the environment for the future, the whole world needs to participate, so if anything the Kyoto Protocol is a first step in the right direction, but needs to be expanded to include every nation.

  • Kyoto Puts Form Over Substance

    While the planet is doubtlessly warming due to man made global warming, solutions to that so-called problem cannot be seriously considered until the real effect of the warming becomes known. Until then, any perceived negative consequence is mere speculation. Governments should not pledge billions of their citizens' money to address supposed problems we do not and cannot fully understand.

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