Kyoto Protocol: Is the Kyoto Protocol a good treaty to combat global warming?

  • The Kyoto Protocals amendments make each individual country responsible for its emissions of greenhouse gases

    What this treaty does is basically make each country lower the amount of greenhouse gases by finding more efficient ways of either disposing of their waste and gases or to create machinery and structures that dedicate their tasks to doing so. The positives for each country, besides decreasing the amount of harmful gases in the air, is that they will be economically awarded for completing their tasks. This will provide more motivation for each country.

  • Without it there would be more pollution

    I think every effort towards combating global warming is good. I think all countries need to monitor the total amount of the pollution that they are emitting and limit the amount of pollution in order to combat global warming. So I believe a treaty was a good idea in slowing down global warming.

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