Kyoto Protocol: Would Kyoto have a positive economic impact?

  • Green Industry Could Make Trillions

    The Kyoto Protocol for reducing the affects of global warming can have a huge economic impact. Companies that already emit carbon can spend money on research and development for green initiatives. Oil and coal companies can sell their equipment and buy commodities that deal with wind, solar and biofuels. There are trillions of dollars to be made around the world to make our planet more energy efficient.

  • The Kyoto Protocol Will Have a Positive Economic Impact

    I believe the Kyoto Protocol will and does have a positive economic impact on society. I believe this because of the past, when the EPA in the United States cracked down on water polluters. I worked on some of the Super Fund sites that were so polluted, no one could live there. We were able to clean the soil, the water, and the air in those areas so that people could breathe easier and drink clean water.

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