L.A. approves ban on sleeping in cars at night near homes and schools: Does this ban unfairly criminalize homelessness?

  • Yes, it does.

    This ban unfairly criminalize homelessness. L.A was wrong to approve the ban on sleeping in cars at night near homes and schools. This is because some people stay in the vehicles. They are the Van people and they do not have a house to live in but their vehicles. This is not fair at all.

  • And furthermore it's your car

    What happened to the land of the free? It's your car, if you want to sleep in it you should be allowed to sleep in it. This pernicious argument about what a person sleeping in their car might be doing violates our Founding Father's ideals about holding people innocent until proven guilty in principle if not in law.

    There's no reason to think that stopping people who are minding their own business from sleeping in their own cars is going to somehow stop people from violating other laws. The people who were breaking and entering or bothering kids in schools clearly didn't care about the law in the first place and will continue to ignore it. This law only hurts law-abiding people who previously slept in their cars.

  • So what if someone sleeps in their car?

    What is a person hurting if they are sleeping in their car? Some people have no better place to sleep at night, and I imagine it is far safer, warmer, and more comfortable than sleeping out in the open. I can understand people being worried about a stranger in their car outside their home all night, but I hardly imagine there are too many places for a person to be able to park their car long enough to sleep.

  • Yes, it's ridiculous.

    This essentially makes being homeless illegal, which doesn't make any sense. Everyone would love to have a home. To quote a Bright Eyes song: "No one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter; sometimes that's just the most comfortable place." These people are going through very hard times, and instead of trying to help them get back on their feet, the city of Los Angeles has decided to label them as criminals as well. That's wrong.

  • People have to stay safe.

    L.A. put the ban in place because there were problems with people breaking into homes or causing disturbances around schools. If a person needs to sleep outside, there are other places that they can go. L.A. also wants to encourage people to stay in homeless shelters. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep society safe.

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