L.A. will convert motel units to 500 apartments for homeless vets. Should this be extended for all homeless people?

  • Dividing those unfortunate enough to be homeless into "deserving" and "undeserving" by service is unwise.

    If the resources are available to alleviate homelessness, it's a societal good to do so, and any homeless person who can benefit should be given the opportunity. Limiting this help to veterans creates a situation akin to England's historic poor laws that distinguished between the "deserving" and "undeserving" poor, often in completely arbitrary ways.

  • L.A. should extend motel unit conversion to all homeless

    Los Angeles' plan to convert motel units to 500 apartments for homeless vets should be extended to the entire homeless population. The motels are not being used, so there is no concern about using valuable real estate. Although vets deserve a special place in our hearts, all homeless people are suffering.

  • L.A. should extend their intention to convert 500 apartments for homeless vets to the homeless population.

    Yes, L.A. should aim to house the general homeless population in addition to their homeless vet population. It isn't always possible to avoid situations that lead to a person becoming homeless, but it almost impossible to turn their situation around once they are there. It is difficult to secure a job when you have no contact information or a place to clean yourself and your clothing. People should be given a chance to turn their life around.

  • They are all homeless.

    I think it should be extended to all homeless people. If we try to help the homeless then it'll be one step further into bettering this country. We say we really want to help so let's prove it by taking people off the streets and giving them a place to stay and work.

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