LA Clippers: IS the recent loss to the Warriors a blip or a sign of things to come?

  • Yes, the loss is a sign of things to come.

    Yes, the Clippers loss to the Warriors is a sign of things to come. The Clippers will continue to lose games to the best teams in the NBA, such as the Warriors and Spurs, The Clippers are overrated and always have been. They're players don't fit together and their coach is overrated. Their best player, Blake Griffin, doesn't show up in the fourth quarter of big games. You can't win a championship when your top players don't show up.

  • It is a blip of concentration.

    The LA Clippers lost focus on the goal when they lost to the Warriors. The LA Clippers have a strong tradition of solid play. They just didn't have a game plan for when they played the Warriors. Certainly, the talent is there. They will learn from this and bounce back for more wins.

  • Of course they lost to the Warriors

    It's only natural for them to lose to the Warriors. Most teams do. The Warriors are probably the best team in the NBA, and losing to them really doesn't mean much of anything. It means that the Warriors are better. It doesn't mean that your team is bad, and it doesn't mean your team can't beat other teams.

  • You can't be a winner 100% of the time!

    The recent loss of the LA Clippers to the GS Warriors is disappointing, but there's still time for them to turn things around. They need to go over their weak points and come back strong! Winners need to learn from their mistakes to become even greater. If they take the time to understand what went wrong, they'll be winners again!

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