LA residents call 911 when Facebook goes down: Was this a legitimate emergency?

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  • Wow, Really ?

    Wow, is this even considered a question? Facebook going down does not constitute a reason to call life-saving personnel, make them go out of their way and realize there's no REAL emergency, other than that person is having a hissy-fit because their favorite "social" media website is offline. Do these people even get a chance to go outside, enjoy the weather, meet up with your friends in real-life, go to parties and have a good time, or are they constantly glued to their "smart"phones 24 hours a day? Not good for society, I can tell you that.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Of course not.

    Of course it was not a legitimate emergency. The reason it is in the news is just to show how moronic and obsessed people have become. What did they expect 911 to do about it anyway? Drive a police car up to Facebook HQ and demand restoration of service? Complete idiocy.

  • No, it was not

    LA residents who called 911 should be fined. Facebook is not a emergency you will not suffer harm if it is down. It could have taken away from someone with a real emergency and they should be given a hefty fine to get the message across that it will not be tolerated.

  • No, calling the police for a website being down is not an emergency.

    No, calling the police for a website being down is not an emergency. I think people need to have allot more patience with their computers and the Internet in general. I believe that we need to get away from being so social media oriented in toady's society. I think the authorities have better things to do than to answer questions about a site being down for a while.

  • NO emergency here!

    Facebook going down is absolutely not an emergency in any way. Goodness gracious I think as the Internet is growing larger, humans are growing dumber. This is a waste of precious resources to people who have a REAL emergency and really need 911. Hopefully no real calls got missed because of this non-emergency.

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