Lackadaisical attitude of students toward learning is the fault of homes not schools

  • Make them accountable.

    Each year it seams to get worse. Every time someone does something wrong, They want to blame someone else. Blame the police, Instead of accepting responsibility for your illegal actions. Blame the boss instead of accepting that you didn't deserve the raise and of course, Blame the teacher when you raised your kid to act the way he does in school.
    Today's activist environment makes this worse. The idea that if you don't like something, That you should stand against it. Most kids would rather be doing something else than to be in school so obviously they would not like it so turning against the teacher makes sense in this messed up world. If we look at students in countries that are doing much better than us in education, We see how their view teachers with a much higher level of respect. They are looked up to like doctors, Pilots, Or judges and not disrespected like kids do here. It's not that the teacher get paid much more as these other countries pay teachers about the same. Thing is, If a job is likely to get you spat on, Disrespected, And even physically threatened, Fewer people will be willing to take the job much less spend years in college to earn it. Is there any wonder why we have a shortage of highly educated teachers and why we have overcrowding classrooms? Yes, This puts the blame on the students themselves but it's the parents who raised them to be that way. Ever wonder why Asian Americans are getting better grades? It's not because they are genetically superior but because their heritage has a tradition of respecting teachers and other elders in position of authority. Is it any wonder why other minorities do worse when they are lead to believe that those who have authority are not to be respected. It has nothing to do with their genetics but much to do about their upbringing.

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  • It is of friends, And the laziness of society

    Student's attitude toward school is fellow student's faults. Also the laziness and the attitude of, "I want to do what I want to do" mindsets of students. Many students have parents that want the best for them, And that support them. In conclusion, The lackadaisical attitude of students toward school is not the fault of homes or schools

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