Lady Gaga claims she has PTSD: Is she making a mockery of a real illness?

  • She is just complaining.

    There are people that struggle with PTSD every day. It is unfair to their honor and dignity that Lady Gaga would complain about having PTSD just because she doesn't like the outcome of the election. Gaga doesn't know what it's like to be an average person that goes through the struggles of life.

  • No, she definitely isn’t

    She was raped at the age of 19, has dealt with the struggles of mental illness and was bullied in high school. In 2013 she broke her hip due to working to hard and refusing to admit she had an injury because she didn’t want to let her fans down and it’s been YEARS since the injury, she developed fibromyalgia due to the trauma in her hip. It affects her entire body. The anxiety of being a pop star triggers her anxiety very often, watch her film Gaga: Five Foot Two

  • No, you can't discredit someone for having an illness just because they are famous

    If Gaga didn't have PTSD then yes, she would be. Just because she is a flashy celebrity does not disqualify her for having a mental illness. Saying that she is making a mockery of it simply puts a label on who can and can't have PTSD. It simply mocks those who have it by labeling who can and can't have it.

  • No, she is not.

    How do we know that she does not have PTSD. It is not a disease that only the miliatry can get. Rape survivors and the surviors of tragic accidents often get PTSD as well. There is not just one way to get PTSD and it is harmful to other surviors to promote this nerrative .

  • No, we should not judge her.

    We cant tell if she has PTSD or not, I don't think anyone would come out and claim to have such a condition just for fame or to make headlines. Let's give her the benefit of doubt and take as a bold move. Lady Gaga may be serious this time round.

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