Lady Gaga takes a selfie on Letterman: Is the current trend of celebrities taking selfies a good thing?

  • Selfies: Just Another Social Media Fad

    The current trend of celebrities taking selfies is just another social media fad that will fade out in time. The trend started with Ellen Degeneres' famous Oscar selfie and the most recent is Lady Gaga's with Bill Murray and David Letterman. Though some mock the trend as self-serving and potentially misleading, since many of these celebrities are also acting as brand ambassadors, the reality is that all media involves some form of advertising. Fans are willing and eager to see photos of their favourite celebrities in any context; a selfie is just as valid as any other.

  • I see no problem with celebrities taking selfies

    Selfies are a very current phenomena in our society, so it's natural that celebrities embrace this trend. People are always complaining that celebrities aren't down to earth enough, and don't do the same things we do, so it's nice seeing actors taking part in something that everyone else does. I found the Oscars selfie to be sweet and amusing, portraying just a group of people having a good time, I don't think it really matters whether the people are famous or not.

  • No, because it encourages the epidemic.

    We're living in a time where there's almost an epidemic of taking selfies. When people see this happening with celebrities, especially people who are fans of the celebrities doing the selfies, it makes it look even more normal and acceptable to do. It seems to feed the culture of narcissism, especially when celebrities take photos of themselves and post them online.

  • No interest in celebrity selfies

    WIth the invention of cameras on Smartphones, everybody is at it all the time, taking photos of their friends, taking photos of their food, taking photos of their shoes and of course taking the obligatory Selfie. So celebrities want to do it too. So what?! We're subjected to enough pictures of celebrities in the media taken by professional photographers, who wants to see their selfies too!?

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