• All the way for Katy Perry.

    Both artists are very talented but Katy is a better role model. Through her lyrics (firework, roar) she motivates teens and women, as well to be confident about themselves beacause everyone is beautiful. Although she doesn't have the powerful voice gaga has I believe her soul is more powerful. Gaga's lyrics are sometimes really stupid (what you want)

  • No, Katy Perry

    Personally speaking I have had a crush on both women, but my crush lies harder with Katy Perry. Lady Gaga is more creative than Katy Perry, but I would rather sleep with Katy Perry. Lady Gaga may have better songs and has been in the music industry longer than Katy Perry, but I just like Katy Perry more.

  • I don't really like either...

    I don't really like either, but I hate Lady Gaga. I am a homosexual man and her attitude in approaching gay rights has pushed people further away than ever before. Her attitude of, "Accept us or we don't care what you think" doesn't work and it is NO way to achieve anything. Katy Perry sings about drinking, dirty dancing, and sex so she also needs to get her priorities straight. Both of them have some good songs with some good beats, but both of them need major makeovers and some psychological help couldn't hurt either lol...I Strongly Dislike Katy Perry, but I literally CAN'T stand Lady Gaga...I guess I'll go with Perry on this one, but it still feels weird lol

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Rafe says2013-09-22T20:18:27.980
Who cares? You are presenting us with two bimbos, and not even giving us with a feature you want us to use when comparing them. Is it their IQ? Their shallow "beauty"? Their lack of artistic skills?