Lamborghini Huracán: So good, why spend more?: Does the world really need vehicles that cost a quarter of a million dollars when people are starving?

Lamborghini Huracán: So good, why spend more?: Does the world really need vehicles that cost a quarter of a million dollars when people are starving?
  • We as humans

    We have the right to spend our money on whatever it is that we feel is necessary for our life's happiness. We (as Americans) are granted the right to life, liberty and the pursuit happiness. It is not up to the world to dictate what we can and can not spend. That would be a dictatorship, and America is not a dictatorship. On the other hand Lamborghini and any other high price car is overrated.

  • Luxury versus Pragmatism:

    The world produces more than enough food for each human on the planet so the failing does not lie in the wealth owned by any given individual. The concept that luxury is wrong stems from an argument of emotion ( think of the children/starving/homeless/destitute/sick! ) that does not reflect any valid point on the pivotal line relating to the product and it's acquisition.

  • Yes. I believe the world needs things that cost this much even when people are starving.

    There are people in this world that have the money to spend on cars and other luxuries that many of us do not. Some of these people are not willing to share their money with the poor, even if it meant burning their money, burying it in a hole, or dumping it in the ocean. It's just how people are. So if they don't want to donate their money, they will probably want to spend it. It's better for them to spend all that money on Cars like this than drugs or other illegal things.

  • I agree, yes!

    This question is great! Why do we need to make such expensive things when we have other issues at hand? There are so many people starving, really, if you have that much extra money maybe help a few folks out? Babies out there that need help and rich people are buying expensive cars they really don't need. Shame.

  • Really expensive cars are overrated

    Cars such as Lamborghini and Bugatti are exaggerated. If someone buys a car that costs as much as a Lamborghini or Bugatti, they're just showing off their wealth. Who would need a car with 1000 HP and a top speed of 250 MPH when there is virtually no opportunity to go that fast? If you have hundreds of millions or billions dollars, I suppose you got to find something to spend it on.

  • Cars aren't food

    Why should we care if some rich person wants to spend a quarter million dollars on a car? If they're willing to spend that kind of money on a vehicle, it's safe to assume their other alternative was to donate it to a charity. Lamborghinis are not preventing people from eating. Yes, rich people should help poor people. But they should also be able to buy themselves nice cars.

  • No, we dont need expensive cars.

    I don't think that we need so many expensive cars, especially when many are homeless and starving. It would be most beneficial to sell less expensive cars and donate the left over money to more noble causes. It would be great if the car companies who sold the expensive cars would donate a percentage of sales to helping the homeless and hungry.

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Kmotl3y15 says2014-09-07T03:02:24.777
I do personally think cars that travel up to 250 MPH is extremely pointless, but the car isnt really the point its the fact that luxury items are seen as something for rich people only and that they are stuck up conceded jerks. Another's personal success does not lead to hunger and suffering, if we broke everything down to just the necessities so many thing would be missing from our modern world, if this car is so unnecessary then you cant possibly think that you cannot live and breathe without that $500 iPhone you are reading this on. Its unfair to assume someone is selfish based on what they buy and how much they money they make.