• Ferrari has gotten boring

    The last car Ferrari made that could actually compete with other manufacturers was the 458 Speciale Aperta back in 2015. Ever since then, Their cars have been very lackluster in performance. When you compare them to Lamborghini's and McLaren's and they can't even touch them. The only company I feel like they can be compared to now is Aston Martin. Ferrari moved into the luxury touring vehicles because they can no longer compete on performance. Ferrari needs to make some major changes if they want to still be in business in 10 years.

  • Well according to the facts...

    Tingwall, Eric, “Lamborghini Aventador S; Lambo teaches its biggest bull to dance.”
    caranddriver.Com 2017. Web. 7 December 2017.
    The Article shows that the Lamborghini is a much more versatile car with an adaptable transmission. According to the article “Crazy expensive and crazy fast, it’s capable of amazing performance without feeling like it’s going to spin out into a ditch, which is refreshing in a supercar. Available as a coupe (for now), it has a 6.5-liter 730-hp V-12, a 7-speed automated manual transmission and all-wheel drive.” With unmatchable horse power the Lamborghini Aventor tops off at about “740 Horse Power and a claimed top speed of 217 Miles Per Hour”. In the cylinders witch the articles descried as a “Twelve-cylinder Flamethrower”, At speeds up to 8500 rpm, the 12-cylinder sings through a retuned exhaust that wails louder at full wood and cracks harder on overrun. When they’re not spitting flames, the exhaust pipes provide a periscope’s peep into the cherry glow of a V-12 run hard.” The Lamborghini is also second to none with its spectacular design, according to the article, “Lamborghini’s head designer cites fighter jets, venomous snakes, and spaceships as his team’s inspiration, That said, this isn’t just the usual design-school fluff. There are actual fangs in the new front-end graphic. A single Aventador wears more half-hexagon air intakes than a billion dollars’ worth of U.S. Air Force hardware. No new information is needed to show that the Lamborghini is a remarkable car.

  • Lamborghini Cars are the best.

    Lamborghini cars are more powerful that Ferrari, look tons cooler, and they sound cool. Lamborghini cars are the perfect car to turn heads. They are just so crazy, and sexy, and that is what makes them insane. The Sesto Elemento, the Veneno, and the Egoista are all perfect examples of how insanely crazy Lambos are.

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  • Better than your mama

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  • Lambo - mad and brilliant

    Yes, Ferrari are very good at making precise, pretty cars. They are always better then Lambos on a racetrack. The Ferrari will handle the corners extremely well, but the Lambo will go tail-happy.

    However, this is missing the whole point of a Lamborghini. They are meant to be cars that will make people's mouths drop open in awe. Ferraris are for doing a 2.45 round Silverstone Racetrack. Lambs are for roaring through cities at 2.45 am. They are the best cars to have on a bedroom wall poster. Ferraris are pretty, but the Lambo is beautiful. Or completely and utterly bonkers. But that's why I love it

  • Superficiality- And Why Ferrari is better

    Lamborghinis are brilliant. I’m just not a Lambo fan. They’re nuts. A few of them are even good cars, like the Sesto Elemento, and Murcielago SV. However, they are not made to be good cars. They are made to be on a 10-year old’s bedroom wall. They are meant to be parked behind velvet ropes at an exclusive club. Ferrari, however are driver’s cars. They are beautiful. Every line has a meaning, and this history stretches back further than our grandparents. They are meant to drive. They work. And they can still be posters. The purpose of a Ferrari is pure, raw feeling. Ferraris drop G forces, Lamborghinis drop G strings. Plain and simple.

  • Ferrari is the essence of exotic

    Ferrari make a better car than Lamborghini all around. They are faster, quicker, and better looking. They flow with the landscape and every curve and line has a purpose that improves the car. Lamborghini just puts a large motor in a heavy clunky car. A Lambo is for the person how needs to compensate for something. Ferrari is for the person who likes cars.

  • Ferrari makes a more diverse variety of cars.

    All Lamborghini's look the same except for the Veneno. Talking about speed the Ferrari and Lamborghini are equal but Ferrari dominates in the handling department. Also Ferrari are track cars and Lamborghini's are just flashy and loud cars. Ferrari looks different so one may not like one Ferrari model but there are other different models to chose from. If you don't like the Lamborghini aventador, you also wont like the gallardo, murchielago, huracan, countach and the centenario for they all look very similar.

  • Ferrari is better

    Ferrari is the better brand because they have been around for longer. Lambo peasants are dumb kids who do not know what real supercars are. Hjdjsjsjsjjdjdjdjdjjdjdjsjsjdjjdjdjjdjdjdjjdjdjdjdjdjjdjdjdjdj jsjejsjjejs jejejsj jdjjsjs jsjejsj j jbi i j u h u hj h unubunbunuj hbb h u u n f h k i h.

  • Are you serious

    Ferrari has been in the game for too long. They are too precise and are overall more serious. Modern Lambo's look like spaceships and have no elegance. I love Lambo's but they are not in the same playing field, Ferrari is clearly the mans car. Don't trust a tractor company.

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