Lane Kiffin to Florida Atlantic: Will Florida Atlantic improve under his leadership?

  • He's a brand name and will improve recruiting

    FAU isn't a popular college among high caliber recruits, but Kiffin brings brand name, and experience from coaching at schools like Alabama, USC, and Tennessee, that will entice recruits. The C-USA, while a solid Group of Five conference, is winnable for Kiffin, and expect a big tournaround from this year's 3-9 team,

  • yes it will improve

    Kiffin, the brash 41-year-old offensive guru, is LSU’s No. 1 target to replace interim offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger. The program feels strongly that Kiffin will leave Alabama and join the Tigers if he does not get a head coaching job this offseason.Kiffin is a hot commodity for LSU, which is looking to transform its pro-style offense under Miles into a spread scheme

  • Exactly what they need

    Florida Atlantic is always on the verge of being a good enough team to really give the big ones a run for their money, but they always seem to fall just short. Lane Kiffin is the type of leader they need to take them to the next level and make them nationally competitive.

  • Yes, I feel it will.

    Yes, I feel that Florida Atlantic will improve under Lane Kiffin's leadership. He has quite a bit of experience. As a coach he's worked with the Oakland Raiders, the University of Southern California, and others. All of this experience has taught him a lot, and I feel he's poised to do a good job for Florida.

  • He has experience.

    Kiffin was the offensive coordinator at Alabama. For that reason, he comes from a winning program. Alabama has a long tradition of winning. They have large games with a large number of supportive games. Kiffin knows how to win. He comes from a winning program. He will translate those things into success at Florida Atlantic.

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