• In some cases, yes.

    I have incredibly bad handwriting, especially when writing longer pieces. My school recommended me to see an occupational therapist, which showed that I have dyspraxic tendencies, so I am allowed to use a laptop for longer writing lessons. However, there are, in every school, those who will take advantage of the system. In my computer class, the people I sit near will play a tank game. If laptops were just handed out to every student, those laptops would probably have spy software and blocking services installed, making the laptop useless for use at home.
    To summarise, they should let people who need to use laptops use them, but not all students.

  • Laptops are allowed in college classrooms.

    Many of them are playing games or shopping instead of using it for educational benefits. I can imagine the same thing would happen within high school. The whole education system needs to be uprooted before anything will change. Otherwise, lap tops are a great educational tool. Kids should be exposed to tech at an early age.

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