Large amounts of pollution in the ocean: Should the world be more focused on recycling than they currently are?

  • We should definitely be more careful with using plastic.

    Already, So many marine animals are dead because of plastic bags. Dolphins get stuck in fishing line and 6 pack holders, Tortoises starve to death from eating plastic bags, And so many more marine animals die getting caught in plastic trash. And that is only the ocean. 100, 000 land animals also die each year due to plastic pollution.

  • We definitely should

    The world is fragile as is the ecosystem and people are taking it for granted. We don't have an endless supply of water which is being polluted everyday. Billions of gallons of waste is being put into the ocean and metals that hurt marine life and us! Health issues could happen and the human race could end because of our incompetence.

  • Yes, large amounts of pollution destroys the world's already fragile ecosystems

    Yes, the world should be more focused on recycling. Large amounts of pollution in the ocean kills the living and non living organisms that live in the water and can also pollute the earth's atmosphere. More countries should establish better recycling initiatives in order to ensure that some of the earth's resources and organisms are around for future generations to experience.

  • It's NOT just the Ocean

    While the US is better about recycling, I think everyone knows it should be more...and as far as the world goes, I doubt there are that many countries focused on recycling. Our oceans are polluted, but so are lakes, streams and many other avenues of vital sources to our eco system. Recycling needs to become a main focus to help curb all of our issues.

  • We absolutely should

    The amount of trash in our oceans, especially plastics is alarming. The oceans are the source of life for much of our planet, and as our oceans go, we go. It is time for us to stop being so selfish and start thinking about the world we are leaving for future generations.

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  • No, there are other world problems more pressing than recycling.

    Some advanced countries do a fair amount of recycling, but it is unreasonable to expect second and third world countries to focus on recycling when they face the far more immanent problems of war, famine, poverty, disease, and governmental corruption. The world should not limit these countries' abilities to advance economically by imposing the same standards that first world countries can afford.

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