Larry Ellison retires from Oracle: Would you want to be fabulously wealthy?

  • being fabulously wealthy

    Yes I would want to be fabulously wealthy. I do not know anyone who would not. If I were I would be able to stay home and be with my children and family. Instead of working I would volunteer for need people and I would also get to travel the world.

  • Yes, I would love to be fabulously wealthy.

    Financial freedom is something most people dream about. Larry Ellison owns his own Hawaiian island, and who wouldn't want to be able to afford luxuries like that? Being fabulously wealthy would open doors to be able to do whatever it is one would like to do or accomplish in life.

  • It sounds like fun.

    Even though being rich sounds complicated, I think that it would be fun to be fabulously wealthy. I would spend my time traveling all over the world, and I would set up a foundation to improve the quality of drinking water for those in Africa and other impoverished nations. I would also find ways to help emerging governments establish systems of private property. I would use my money for good, and for traveling.

  • No, extreme wealth is alienating and detrimental to emotional well-being.

    No, I would not wish to be fabulously wealthy. The day-to-day struggles of average people build character, self-confidence, and a sense of satisfaction. Extremely wealthy people are cut off from the rest of society, and often experience deep loneliness. It's also difficult to raise thoughtful, hard-working children in an environment of luxury.

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