Las Vegas Shootings. Should crime punishment be stiffer when violence is against police officers?

  • Yes, I believe it should.

    The reason that the punishment should be stiffer is because a crime against a police officer affects us all. If police are afraid to respond to calls or if fewer people become police officers because they are afraid of being shot, then society suffers as a whole. Because of this I think that sentencing should be much stiffer for crimes against law enforcement.

  • We need police officers.

    Yes, crime punishment should be stiffer when violence is against police officers, because otherwise no one will want to be a police officer. Police officers choose to put themselves in harm's way, and they should have the peace of mind to know that if they are attack, the people who hurt them will be held accountable.

  • No, violence against any person is equally bad.

    I have mixed feelings about whether people should be punished more strictly when they commit violence against police officers, because in some ways it shows a flagrant disrespect for authority. But every person is unique and important, so a police officer is no more important than any other citizen. The people who committed this crime also killed a civilian, and that person's life was just as important as the police officers'.

  • They're public servants, not gestapo! Courts also ruled that they have no obligation to protect you...

    They shouldn't be above the law or have special privilege. A court ruling has said that they have no need to protect you.
    Besides, what's a better sentence than life because of murder? Police just hand out tickets now; or for the few brave, protect or arrest you. But they never do it alone.

  • No who the victim of a crime is should not influnce the punishment given.

    No the fact that crime is committed against a police officer should not the be basis for a harsher punishment. A murder is a murder! In capital punishment states the death penalty should be on the table for ALL cases not just the ones that get the attention of the media.

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