Last astronaut to walk the moon dead at 82: Should NASA take advantage of improved technology to revive the moon program?

  • Yes, I think we should go back to the moon

    The moon program was very inspiring, especially for young people. Reviving an exciting space program would encourage more children to study science, and it would be a source of national pride for Americans to take a leading role in pushing ahead with space exploration. Additionally, there is scientific and technological knowledge to be gained from additional space programs that would be beneficial for us.

  • We now have the cappability of studying things far beyond the moon.

    While studies about the moon remain interesting, science has moved far beyond the moon program. With the advantage of improved technology on our side, our capabilities space exploration have greatly increased. With this, our efforts should focused on research and exploration that could be of aid to our planet in the future instead of reviving the moon program.

  • No, we probably shouldn't mess with the moon.

    No, I don't think there's a need to go back to the moon. If we do return, then somebody will likely want to start mining or exploiting it in some way. It's probably best to just leave it alone. We wouldn't be able to start colonies on the moon, since it's not habitable. Let's just look at it from afar.

  • No. The NASA moon program was impractical from the start.

    Although we now have the technology to make a moon landing more efficient than it was fifty years ago, a revival of the program would be a waste of money and resources. The original moon mission was nothing more than an act of bravado. We proved our technology at that time, and now NASA could be applying its vast resources in much more practical ways.

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