Last Moon Walker Dies: Should the United States Make Another Voyage to the Moon?

  • Yes, the United States Should Make Another Voyage to the Moon.

    Though the U.S. should and probably will make another manned voyage to the Moon, it is not going to do so in the near future. In general, the public is not enthusiastic for another manned Moon voyage, and the federal government is not prepared to fund it. However, so many discoveries are yet to be made or have been made on the Moon, such as the presence of water molecules, that the U.S. will eventually send another manned spacecraft.

  • Eventually we should

    At some point in the future, the US should make another voyage to the moon. Right now, especially with the approaching Drumph presidency, I can't imagine that it would be a priority from an administration so dismissive of education, science and learning, but hopefully in the future we'll do it again. I'm sure there's a lot to learn and explore.

  • No, it's not necessary.

    No, we've made enough voyages to the moon and learned what we needed from the previous trips. I feel we should continue to explore space, but the moon probably won't offer too much that's new. Besides, I really don't want groups to start mining the moon. I'm concerned that would destroy it.

  • The United States should look beyond the moon.

    Though the death of the last moon walker is a sad occasion, I do not think there would be any benefit to making another voyage to the moon. Space travel is a very high-cost venture, and the moon is an astronomical body that has not only been already visited, but extensively studied. I do not think it would be economically or intellectually beneficial to revisit it. I think it would be much more beneficial to allocate funding to more progressive astronomical endeavors.

  • No, Definitely not.

    America, as a country in too much debt with better ventures to pursue, should not make another trip to the moon. The moon has been explored by many landers in the past, and scientific tests have been instilled by people who have landed there. The point is, there is nothing else that needs to be explored in the moon. It is an atmosphere-less sphere that affects our tides, and not much else. There is no reasonable possibility of living there in the future when we have Mars to set our sights on. Secondly, traveling to the moon unnecessarily would be expensive. Other countries can travel there if they want to waste money on a mission that has already been completed and finalized. In terms of space ventures, the US should be diverting all of its attention on NASA's Space Lauch System or private space companies such as SpaceX's Falcon Heavy that might be able to make a manned mission to Mars.

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