Last year, there were about 150 deaths by falling coconut and only about 5 by shark attacks. Should coconuts be feared more than sharks?

Asked by: anahitasub
  • Coconuts are scary

    Sharks only dwell in the waters (usually deep) so you can stay safe by avoiding water. Coconuts however seem to fall wherever they please. I can easily see myself getting killed by that giant wooden ball falling on my head and crushing my skull. I have to agree that coconuts are rather scary.

  • It Makes Sense

    The only reason so many people have a just plain irrational fear of sharks is because they saw the movie Jaws and did not realize that it was just a movie.

    Realistically, you're more likely to die in a car accident on your way to the beach then to actually die of a shark attack. A fear of sharks is just irrational to say the least.

  • Scary little motherfuckers

    Coconuts are the scariest things in the world. They are great balls of fire, that fall on your head! Like wtf man, sharks are little baby things with cute pointy teeth. What is there to fear? Like surisly WWHHHHHYYYYYYY.
    This post is VERY true so you should believe it ok.

  • Coconut vs sharks

    Humans like to stand under a coconut tree but one can easily used an umbrella to prevent the coconut from being so attracted to your head. On the other hand, you are swimming in the sea and you face a shark swimming toward you. You are not able to stop at there and caculate how fast is the shark going to swim. Maybe the shark has went before sharks olympics who know? I bet you are not going to use a object to shield the shark from attacking you like an umbrella?
    From the 150 death, people like coconut so much that they are willing to die from it.

  • Wtf kinda question

    Honestly, I'm just going through every thing here, and this is ridiculous. Hopefully Murphy's law doesnt get me and i get pummeled by a coconut, but still. The chance of this happening is so slim that there is a better chance of getting thrown out of an airplane by a monk

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