Laurie Hernandez wins Dancing: Should Hernandez competed in the all-around at the Rio team prelims?

  • Yes i agree.

    This is very true. I strongly support that Laurie Hernandez should compete in the all-round at the Rio team prelims. This is after he proved to be skillful by wining the dance. We should give the talented citizens a platform to showcase their talents so that they can be rewarded accordingly.

  • Gabby Douglas didn't earn it.

    They only allowed Gabby Douglas to compete in the all around during prelims because she was the reigning champion. She did nothing to earn that current spot. Even Madison Kocian was more deserving of an all around berth at that time than Douglas was. Hernandez was third in line and should have gotten the change, though Aly would have beaten her.

  • She should be given the opportunity.

    While winning Dancing with the Stars is hardly an Olympic achievement, Laurie Hernandez has already proven her worth in the Olympic circuit. She most likely had good reasons for not competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. It is no one's place to make that decision for her, or to criticize her for not competing.

  • If she is a good dancer she should compete.

    I don' believe Laurie Hernandez would have any problems competing in the all-around at the Rio team prelims. If she is good at what she does then she should be able to compete. The only thing holding her back might be if she cheated or she gets seriously injured while doing it

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