LBGTQ rights: Is there going to be a rash of Anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2017?

  • I hope there isn't Anti-LGBTQ legislation

    In 2016 it felt like lots of progress was being made towards acceptance and equality with regards to the LGBTQ community. As the end of the year has approached that has started to feel like it is changing a bit. Especially with Trump coming to power who has his priorities elsewhere. Although I hope more Anti-LGBTQ legislation doesn't come in I fear it will.

  • Yes, there will be a rash of anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2017.

    Yes, there will be a rash of anti-LGBTQ legislation in 2017. It is a theme in the United States that any measure of progress is met with a hateful reactionary response. An example of this is the rise of the KKK in the post-slavery south. The Klansmens' contemporary analogues will ensure this theme continues.

  • The LGBT community has nothing to fear concerning their rights.

    The Supreme Court has spoken and LGBTQ citizens are entitled to all of the freedoms and protections offered by the Constitution, like it or not. Even Republicans back full equality for these people and there is no way legislation taking away their rights can be passed and sustained in legal challenges. The conservatives of this country have to swallow a bitter pill and accept it because their rights are Constitutionally guaranteed and as valid as theirs.

  • Trump doesn't want to take it on.

    Trump has outlined his plans for the United States in detail. He plans to make full use of domestic energy sources, including fossil fuels, he says. Trump makes it clear that he has no plans to take away the rights of the these minority groups with Anti-LGBTQ legislation. Likely, Trump will focus on economic issues instead of social issues.

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