Lea Michele's song about Cory Monteith: Does writing a song about the death of a friend help in the healing process?

  • I am sure it does

    I think we all grieve in our way. I think that was the way she dealt with the death of a loved one. It was sad that another person got taken so young,but one day I hope she will be okay with it. I think time heals all wounds,but I am not her, so I don't know how she feels.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I do think writing a song about the death of a friend can help the healing process for the person writing it, but perhaps not the people listening to it. But I do think, ultimately, that expressing yourself this way is beneficial for any sort of healing process taking place.

  • Creativity helps the healing process.

    Every person expresses their grief in different ways. I think that in Lea Michele's life, where she is very musical, writing a song about her loss was a natural part of the grieving process. No matter how you do it -- a short story, spoken word, a poem, abstract art, interpretive dance -- expressing those feelings is a positive thing.

  • Yes, it can.

    Yes, I believe that writing a song about the death of a friend or loved one can definitely help in the healing process. Music and song writing and any form of expression and creativity can be very therapeutic. It can simultaneous help a person release emotions and honor their loved one in a beautiful way.

  • It can help

    People must go through the healing process in their own, unique ways, and for Lea this may have been what she needed to feel better about the loss. Pouring out emotions into a song can be a powerful release of feelings. She can now feel good about her artistic embodiment of Cory.

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