Leah Remini demanding damages from the Church of Scientology: Should churches be allowed to stop your first amendment rights?

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  • Not, they should not.

    A true church of the living God would not have anything to hide, and thus would not need to try to stifle someone from speaking. I am not one that takes kindly to organizations trying to bully anyone into being silent about its operations. Using emotional, verbal, and spiritual abuse to carry out that attempt is just ruthless.

  • Chuches should not be allowed to stop a person's first amendment rights.

    Churches should not be allowed to restrict rights. In this country the US separates church and state. A church should not be allowed to stop the rights of citizens in any way. They should be held responsible for any damages just like any organization. Leah Remini left the church and feels they should pay damages. There should be a trial and should they should pay the damages if there is just cause for it.

  • Churches should not be allowed to stop First Amendment rights.

    No group or organization should be allowed to restrict any constitutional rights. Churches in particular should not be as they practice outside guidelines of the government in as much as their beliefs and rules. The separation of church and state was put in place to help prevent certain restriction on basic rights.

  • That is controlling.

    The Church of Scientology shouldn't be able to control its people or stifle free speech any more than a Muslim or Christian church should be able to. These people suffered greatly at the hands of this church. The church stopped at nothing to silence people that spoke out. They should pay these victims.

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