Leah Remini Demands the Church of Scientology Pay Her $1.5 Million for Damages: Do you think that's fair?

  • I think its fair that she seeks reparations for the things Scientology did.

    The Church of Scientology has done many horrible things that have been revealed through investigation. The victims of these horrible things should be compensated. If Leah Remini is one of those people who have legitimate cause then she should be allowed to collect reparations for the trouble they have caused.

  • Yes, I do.

    The church of Scientology cost her and her family a great deal. While she does not need 1.5 million dollars and it will not end her heartache, it could help reduce the amount of damage that the Church of Scientology can do to other people if it settles this lawsuit.

  • She was traumatized.

    Remini and the rest of the people who suffered bullying and other mistreatment by the Church of Scientology should be compensated. No amount of money can help them recover from the damage they went through, but money would help them take time off from work and heal. They could spend the money on needed therapists.

  • I don't think being paid $1.5 million for damages is reasonable.

    Lawsuits have become more and more ridiculous over time. $1.5 million in damages must be carefully assessed and justified. If this is reputation damages or damages to someone's feelings, then this amount is completely absurd. Society has taken a very wrong turn when it comes to using the justice system.

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