Leah Remini's new scientology show to air on A&E: Will this be cable TV's most controversial show?

  • Yes, Leah Remini's show on Scientology will be cable TV's most controversial show.

    Yes, Leah Remini's show on Scientology will be cable TV's most controversial show. Scientology itself is a very controversial belief system that has not gained the respect of many members of the public. It has also been the subject of ridicule by the creators of South Park. Considering how seriously the followers of Scientology take their beliefs, this show will be very controversial.

  • Yes, for the time being.

    Yes, Leah Remini's new scientology show to air on A&E will likely be the most controversial show of the week on cable TV. In her show, Leah will not hold back. She will tell all about scientology, much to the chagrin of the religion's supporters. Some of the details we'll know already, but some will be new and shocking.

  • This will be a controversial show.

    With Scientology being an extremely controversial subject and with Scientology doing things to make the religion controversial among people who criticize it, the show will be controversial. The church has done much over the years to keep people who left silent. Things that are not limited to harassment, stalking and intimidaion.

  • Scientology is Controversial. This Show Will Not Be.

    I think most people of the United States would agree that Scientology is a belief system to be looked-upon with skepticism. For those who were not skeptical of Scientology, however, and joined its ranks, this show by Leah Remini will give these people a voice to report what the church did to make life difficult for them. This show will be reporting the alleged lies and misleading promises that the Church of Scientology led some of its followers to believe. Most everyone is Skeptical of Scientology. The people reporting on this show will only be re-affirming that skepticism. This show will not be controversial at all. It would be controversial if it was a show on the Catholic Church or Judaism, or perhaps Islam. Scientology is not a very popular religion relative to the former mentioned ones. Very few people will be offended or feel controversy towards this show.

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