Leaked celebrity photos: Is Apple to blame for the celebrity nude photos that are circulating on the Internet?

  • Yes and no really

    I both agree and disagree with the question at hand because there are quite a few factors that play into this. My biggest one is that celebrities took nudes and put them on icloud which was their first mistake. They should have thought ahead knowing that nothing in this world is 100% hack proof. However was the hack out of their control, yes, so I can cut them some slack. Next we have the Apple corporation. I find this to be their fault because with phones now these days, everything is basically on social media and being shared with various devices. That to a hacker is like dangling a steak in front of a hungry dog. Is it totally Apple corporation's fault, not totally, but it is difficult to keep things private these days. Another factor I'd like to put in here is Society today. Seriously people are attached to their phones constantly. Everything that's going on in their lives is on social networking, people text constantly, you've got snap chat. Everything in society today is really out there that's why I absolutely refuse to get any type of social networking because that just makes it easier for people to get your photos and personal bizz. Lastly we have to blame the hacker him or herself. But let's be honest here people did they know what they did? Yes they did. So what are you going to do about it? The pictures are out there and the damage is done. So there's my argument.

  • They had a bug

    Of course it's their fault! They need to keep an eye on things, and if there is a bug in their system then they need to fix it. They should be held accountable for flaws or bugs in their system, unless they have some sort of contract people sign saying if my photo's are leaked because of issues on your end then you cannot be held accountable.

  • Yes, Apple is responsible for ensuring their programs are not susceptible to hacking

    Yes, Apple is to blame for the celebrity nude photos that are circulating on the Internet. Companies are responsible for ensuring that our private information stored on their servers are not susceptible to hackers. Since these photos were leaked, clearly Apple did not do enough to ensure their information was secured.

  • The HACKER is to blame

    It is not Apple's fault and it is not the celebrities' fault. The hacker was the one that committed the crime, s/he is the one to be charged. I think every human being is allowed to do whatever they want as long as it does not hurt another person in any way. This includes taking sensitive pictures of themselves to share with people they have intimate relationships with. I am sure that Apple does their best to create firewalls and privacy protection for the people that use iCloud. However, I think we can all agree that, there are people out there (that we call hackers) who will always work to break into these systems. That is why virus protection programs like Norton have to update their product continuously because a hacker is out there continually trying to break into it. Again, the only party I can see at fault here is the HACKER and subsequent distributors of the pictures.

  • Apple is not at fault in the leaked photos.

    It amazes me that anyone, whether famous or not, would put nude pictures of themselves into any electronic device. No matter the promises made by any company, when you put information within the web or in a cloud, there are those who can, and will retrieve that information. If you do not want it seen, don't put it out there.

  • Apple to blame

    No I do not think that Apple is to blame. I think the celebrities should first blame themselves for even allowing themselves the possibility of being put in that position. Secondly it is the hackers fault for being the person who literally did it. Nobody is safe from hackers that are good enough.

  • It's always someone else's fault

    Did Apple have a bug? Maybe. The last report I heard they said no, but that doesn't really matter. Guess how many nude photos of me have been hacked on the internet. If you guessed 0 you would be correct. I'm not stupid enough to take pictures of myself or my wife on something that everyone knows could be hacked including the device I'm typing on. "Stupid is as Stupid does". When does personal responsibility kick in?

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