• He has had several chances to be effective leader and has failed at every chance.

    I was welcoming to the idea of an outsider as our president, however, after several missed opportunities to become an effective leader, I am skeptical of any supposed potential that the president may have.
    He not only has lost my support, has lost my respect by repeated mistakes and unpleasant temperament.

  • Mentally Unstable Dangerous

    He is a severe malignant narcissist with paranoia disorder. He is incapable of empathy, is cruel, abusive, bullying, vengeful, angry and totally self absorbed. Now, he's drunk on power with the firm belief that he can do whatever he wants. He also suffers from ADD, and possibly a degree of autism. He's a very dangerous man with no original ideas, but has Bannon making policy for him.

  • Yes, president Trump behaves much the same way a child does.

    Children, particularly those around 2-3 years old, do not yet comprehend that they are one individual amongst many. They tend to think life and the world revolves around them, because they quite literally do not yet grasp reality. This is why children, without reflection, can demand what they want and have a fit when they don't get it. Very similar to how president Trump tends to behave.

  • He is a business man, not a politician.

    So naturally he is a clueless child. He has no political experience whatsoever, while all of our former presidents have served in public office at least once. How do you expect a person like him to run a country? He doesn't quite understand what he is actually doing and what he has gotten into. You can't run a country with no political experience. No one can, especially him. Obviously he is a clueless child.

  • No, Trump is a new president.

    The entire question reveals an inherent bias. If having a leak at the White House is enough to call a president a "clueless child" then Obama was downright infantile. Need I remind everyone of the infamous Clinton email problem or the emergence of Wiki Leaks and Snowden? Is Trump inexperienced? Yes. Name one president who was not when they entered office.

  • He got this far.

    Trump can't be that clueless because he got all the way to the Presidency when everyone told him that he couldn't do it. Trump knows how to get people to agree with him, and he has already started following through on many of his campaign promises. For these reasons, he is not clueless.

  • No, he is not.

    President Trump is not a clueless child - he is our commander in chief. Every administration have leaks--many of these leaks do not always shine the best light on the president. Trump is a very capable leader with a solid team of advisors around him. Trump has the potential of being a good president.

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