• Yes, seems the government is attacking everyone except the ones they need to be attacking.

    They take normal people and turn them into killing machines~ after x amount of killing the lines of what's tolerated get blurry. That happens when you face death everyday~ it become a game of survival and when surviving is at stake you do things you wouldn't otherwise do~~ bring these soldiers home where they can get help.

  • Yes, soldiers make difficult decisions in difficult situations

    I think a pardon for these crimes is fair, especially after these men have served time for what they did. These young soldiers are faced with more difficult decisions than most of us will ever have to face, and they have to make these decisions under intense circumstances. These men chose to follow the commands of the men in charge of them and that decision resulted in years of punishment. They knew the rules of war, but they also were in a war-time situation and were given a command to follow. I think they have served adequate time and to be released now is fair.

  • A pardon is not fair or just for the victims of the convicted.

    While a pardon can be used to release someone from prison and forgive his crimes, that's not fair to the victims who suffered at his hands. Sometimes, people are rightfully put in jail or prison, and they should not be pardoned simply because of their celebrity or because of who they know.

  • Leavenworth 10 soldier should not be pardoned

    The Iron Triangle Murders were a horrific display of U.S. military activity in which three Iraqi detainees were killed. The soldier who orchestrated these murders should not be pardoned because he condoned execution-style killing of detainees whose connection to al-Qaeda was not fully clear. Though one of the individuals involved in the murders described them as a "mercy killing," I disagree.

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