LeBron gives woman concussion: Should basketball fans be allowed to sit on the sidelines?

  • They're Prime Seats

    I think that if you're willing to have the risk of sitting so close to the action of a game, you should be allowed to do it. Court side seats and sitting on the sidelines are two things that are prime locations for any basketball lover to watch their favorite game.

  • Basketball Fans on the Sidelines?

    If a person decides they want to sit on the sidelines to watch their favorite team and players, they should be allowed to do so. I would think that a sensible adult would be aware of the potential of an injury that a basketball hitting them or a six foot tall, 200 pound man plowing into them can inflict. If they are willing to take that risk, then let them.

  • Yes, basketball fans should be allowed to sit on the sidelines.

    In my opinion, basketball fans or any sports enthusiasts for that matter, are paying good money to attend these sporting events. It should be up to these individuals to decide if they feel they are placing themselves in danger by sitting too close to the action or on the sidelines.

  • Yes, spectators should be aware of potential risks.

    As a time-honored tradition, basketball fans should be allowed to sit on the sidelines; the proximity to the players and up-close action make the game engaging and exciting. Spectators who choose to sit on the court sidelines should be aware of the incidental consequences that may occur as a result of being that close to the action.

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