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    Lebron is overall the best mf basketball player to ever play the game of basketball facts fo. Check his 2k ratings, just unbelievable my nigs. But facts he way better than that ant looking guy. Like cmon now, if you dont believe hes good well then you a goofy guy.

  • LEbron is an all around

    All kd can do is score and block the ball! Shoots 57.1 percent from the field better in every respect paasing, rebounding, and defense averages more than him in all. Plus KD is a snake cant win the finals without leaving his team. Jumped on the bandwagon of 73 win championship winning team SMh

  • Lebron is better

    He makes better plays and everybody has heard of him. He can shoot from almost anywhere, and people are always like, "I, like, lebron james'd it." He is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good and very popular, too.

  • Yes way better

    Because Lebron is better up close and in the paint and score more points a game and has better grades and is the best in the NBA he is even better than Michael Jordan so he is overall one of the best NBA players in the world and Kds not.

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    Posted by: j332
  • LeBron is only a defender.

    I haven't heard about Lebron winning Scoring Champion of the Year. Ok so what if Miami beat OKC in the finals. LeBron is sorry. He BooBoo. He's only A defender. Look at his finals record. He is definetly not better than Michael. What's Michael's finals record???? Michael averaged over 30 points his career!!! KD is closer than LeBron.

  • I don't even like basketball

    BUT, KD is ten times better. Lebron's ego is too big. Its even as big as your mom. Don't even get me started on Cam Newton's ego (cough overated cough). In the long though, Peyton Manning is the best baller who ever played. HE can dribble, he can shoot, and he is good at scoring goals.

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  • Lebron always travels.

    KD is a better scorer and rebounder. Lebron always walks and crys for fouls. Durant can shoot from much farther out and also has inside game. Lebron only has inside game and his jump shot has disappeared. KD is a great scorer in all aspects and is a good defender and rebounder and playmaker.

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