• Yes, all indicates are he will go to Cleveland.

    The longer it takes for Lebron to make a decision the more likely it appears he is leaving the Heat. New reports from inside sources suggest a planned return to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Actions by both the Heat and Cavaliers indicate a belief that James is leaving for a new team.

  • Yes, I believe he will.

    He spent the weekend looking at teams and trying to reach a decision. He is going to go with whatever team gives him the best deal. He has shown in the past that he has not loyalty to a franchise or city, so I don't think he will lose any sleep after leaving Miami.

  • LeBron Will Move

    LeBron Will Move from the Miami Heat because in the end most basketball players do. They go where the money is, or, of they are traded, they go to who will take them. LeBron is a valuable player and very skilled and any team that gets him is likely headed to be, or in a top playing team.

  • LeBron won't move

    LeBron James is not going anywhere. He has the best chance of winning with Miami. I doubt Cleveland fans want him back after that travesty known as the Decision. Lakers are no where close to winni9ng in the next few years, even with LeBron. By staying put he has a shot at winning another championship before the team gets too old.

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