Lee Jae-myung South Korea: Will the populism that is sweeping the globe help Lee Jae-myung become the next President of South Korea?

  • Populism in Asia

    Brexit was a populist revolt in Great Britain. The election of Mr. Trump was a populist revolt in the United States. There are indications that the populism that led to the Brexit vote is also present in France. Now, there is a fresh up and coming Mayor in South Korea that is looking to ride the wave. The populism that is flowing through the West has found its way to Asia thanks the the ongoing technological revolution, which is stripping faith worldwide in institutions that were accustomed to life in the post industrial revolution world but not in the future world that is being ushered in by rapid technological advances.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Mr Lee and Mr Trump both use social media to harangue critics and communicate with supporters. He entered politics a decade ago after working as a human rights lawyer in Seongnam - a city that grew with an influx of workers unable to afford homes in Seoul during the country's high-growth years.

    With a population of one million, the city now generates some of the highest tax revenue in the country and houses technology companies.

  • Yes, most likely.

    Yes, even though it's not necessarily a good thing, the unusual global phenomenon we're seeing these days of populism sweeping the world will likely help Lee Jae-myung become the next president of South Korea. People are feeling angry and emboldened. They want change and they want it now. This growing attitude is toppling current administrations and putting surprising people into power.

  • Yes, populism is taking over the world

    In my view, never before in history has populism had as strong a hold over politics as it does now. First there was Brexit, which few political experts or pundits predicted. Then there was the election of Trump, which was even more astonishing. It should not be surprising if Lee Jae-myung becomes the next president of South Korea.

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