• Yes it is true that left is not always right

    Yes I believe that left is not always right, at least when it comes to politics. I believe that a balanced approach should be used when it comes to political issues, and that we as a nation are a center-right nation so taking a leftist position is more unusual and less right than taking a position on the right.

  • I assume this is about politics, not directions....

    This doesn't really make sense. Some of the other commenters took it literal (obviously left is always left and right is always right). But to look at it politically, sometimes the left or liberal side of things isnt ALWAYS the right answer (this is coming from a liberal by the way). Sometimes a more conservative approach (being fiscally responsible, leaning towards states rights) is appropriate. I personally think that everyone should be a moderate. Anyone who makes up their mind about the issues before they hear them is stupid.

  • Yes, because left and right are different.

    It is very true that left is not always right. For example, when you are making a left hand turn, it is fairly obvious that you are not turning right in this case. So, sometimes left is truly left and not right at all. Other times left could be considered right, if we are talking about right as in correct!

  • Left is not always right because they are different.

    Left is not always right because left is left and right is right. It is only one way that is left is always left and right is always right. This cannot change. If left is right and right is right, then there will be no different between two distinct things. Because left and right are opposite therefore, left is not always right.

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