Legal marijuana boom: Is it healthy for so many Americans so smoke marijuana?

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  • It is worse than cigarettes.

    When a person smokes a cigarette, there is a filter on the cigarette. Cigarettes are regulated, and these regulations have made them safer. But people who smoke marijuana have no idea what they are putting into their bodies. There are no filters on a marijuana cigarette. A person can literally be putting anything into their body.

  • Smoking marijuana is not healthy

    There is little dispute that smoking anything is not healthy. Accordingly, smoking marijuana is not healthy for any individual. It is still unclear whether the legalization movement will lead to unhealthy results. However, decriminalizing marijuana will take the pressure off law enforcement to prosecute pot smoking. Only time will tell if more marijuana usage will lead to societal problems.

  • Marijuana is not healthy

    It is not healthy for Americans to smoke marijuana. Although there has been an increasing trend towards legalizing marijuana, it does not make it healthy. Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco are both legal, but are unhealthy. Smoking marijuana still involves using a controlled substance that can cause the same damage as cigarette smoke.

  • No, it is not healthy.

    Even though the government's 'war on drugs' is considered a failure by most, this does not mean that drugs are okay. Furthermore, "recreational drugs" like marijuana can still be harmful to people. Therefore, no, it is not healthy for so many Americans to smoke marijuana. Smoking pot can be dangerous and become a gateway for harder drugs.

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